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Lost Isle Media is an online vendor for writing, art, music and games.
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In preparation for laying out my RPG in Indesign, I'm reviewing a charcoal sketch of a Famori octocrab that I need to digitally recolour...

As I'm more inclined to draw monsters than anything else, this is the first portrait I've done in a long while.

A quick trial of a new digital sketching and painting process that's more efficient than my previous one.

About Us

Lost Isle Media is the Australian business name under which I publish my creative work, broken into 4 brands: Coradel Press, Cheeky Monster Games, Orkenai Music and Wyrdling Arts.

I received my Doctorate in Emotion in Games in 2003, and have games design, communications, cultural studies and related topics across ECU, UWA, Curtin and SAE since 2001.

My fiction tends towards literary fantasy, my games are generally baroque and monster-themed, my music ranges from folk and storytelling to alternative rock, and my art tends towards creatures and surrealism.

I presently teach game design at SAE Perth, with an amazing group of colleagues across design, animation, film, games and audio.

While I do occasionally do client work, at present I'm focused on finishing my backlog of work for my website as well as providing resources on a range of topics I've taught.
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